President’s Message...        August 2013

Arts at The Lake (ATL) is a non-profit art organization dedicated to exposing the art and artists in Central Texas and educating artists and art lovers about art. Our organization covers a three-county membership area, including Burleson, Lee and Washington counties. We encourage artists and art lovers outside these counties to join as well. 

We invite you to enjoy our art trail covering four counties in Central Texas.  Enjoy the works representative of each artist in our brochure,and on the trail see well over 100 artists. Pick and choose the places and artists you wish to visit or see the entire trail; the choice is up to you. The map provided helps you navigate through the area and in the towns.  As you enjoy your day, grab a bite to eat at one of our local restaurants. Each of the towns is unique and charming in its own way.  If you are taking in the whole trail, check out one of our hotels or bed and breakfasts.  Artworks include ceramics, pottery, stained glass, bronze, pastel, oil, watercolor, photography, jewelry and more. Find that “just right” original piece of artwork for your collection. 

Arts at The Lake is a genuine group of characters. Whether our artists are highly accomplished professionals or newly emerging artists, they seek daily to improve their work by traveling to find new inspirations, studying to develop their techniques and growing professionally. In some way, each artist teaches what they have learned about art and life to those around them.  Members of Arts at The Lake are both artists and art supporters. Each person brings a unique point of view to the organization. All our sponsored activities are run on a volunteer basis and each person works hard to make ATL successful. 

We look forward to meeting you on the Grand Art Trail and Sale this year! Like us on Facebook or visit for more information.  As president of ATL, I hope you will enjoy our art trail this year. Thank you very much and have fun!


Clover Cochran

ATL 2012 President

Bronze Sculptor

PO Box 45, Somerville, TX 77879


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