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Membership and Registration Forms for HWY 36 Art Trail 2013


Serving the communities and counties surrounding Lake Somerville including

Burleson, Lee And Washington County


Our mission is to create a premier Texas art destination where creativity in all art forms is encouraged, showcased and shared. We will achieve this by attracting artists, artisans, musicians and performers in and outside of Texas.

Our Mission Statement seeks a nurturing environment for beginning, developing and professional artists/artisans and the public, so creativity and art appreciation will flourish. Our organization, which included input from Burleson, Washington and Lee counties, will showcase each artist’s and performer’s creations by hosting annual events and by establishing guilds where their crafts and talents will be shared--ensuring that each art form is never lost to future generations. Plans include a mentoring program for children and adults for a wide array of arts and crafts, providing classes, exhibitions and performances, and providing public events so our citizens may enjoy, learn about and purchase quality items from artists and artisans.  We will also raise revenue to purchase land and build a facility showcasing fine arts events. 

Join our monthly meeting and find out about opportunities, upcoming events and exhibitions that you can be a part of. 

Want to get more involved?  Join one of our committees for hands on planning and helping us create, showcase and take part in each of our artist’s and performer’s creations with annual events and exhibits.

Not an artist or performer but love the arts and culture?  Become a Gifting Patron and help us to create more opportunities for our artists and performers. Donations  are tax-deductible.           

Membership is open to all artists and artisans of nearly any genre.  Artist Membership is open to all artists, paid by annual dues.

Student membership is available for those children who are still in school.

Officers 2011

Clover Cochran, President

Phone: 512-581-7205


Peggy Gaskamp, Vice President


Bonnie Todee, Secretary

Phone: 979-567-9549


Pete Pederson, Treasurer

Phone: 979-596-2525


Other Contacts

Betty Farmer, Membership

Phone: 979-596-1090



Board of Directors 2011

Cathy Schuster

Barbara Pederson

Dee Fabrizio Turner

Cheryl Wooten

General Meetings are usually on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. Location and agendas may change. Please contact one of the members for information on the next scheduled meeting.  

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