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Membership and Registration Forms for HWY 36 Art Trail 2013

If you are a member of ATL, we would like to add information about you in this section of the website.  If you are an artist, the statement consists of information about yourself and your art.  Two hundred and fifty to three hundred and fifty (250-35O) words seems appropriate.  These statements will be accompanied by a digital photo of yourself and a digital photo of an example of your art.  You will be expected to supply your statement and both photos to John Pinkerton, site manager, .  After you send this information to John, he will configure it as it will appear on the website and send it to you via email for your approval.  Once you approve, it will appear on the website.  You will always be able to change any of these items.

If you are not an artist or artisan, but you are a patron member of ATL, we would also like to post information about you and your interest in art and ATL.  Please also provide a digital photograph of yourself.


Patsy Supak: I have always enjoyed being creativity whether sewing, needlepoint, ceramics or restoring and decorating my old home.  Then I found the Brenham Fine Arts
League offered painting classes, and that has been my joy ever since.  I started painting in oils and have tried watercolors, acrylics and pastels, but oils are still my favorite.  I have taken many classes and workshops with
national and local artists.  I now teach oil classes at the Brenham Fine Arts League and I am co-owner of the Downtown Art Gallery.  (They share the same space at 113 W. Alamo, Brenham)


“I love to paint the scenic landscapes Texas has to offer with its streams, barns and wildflowers.” 


Jean Scott Curling:  She is an accomplished artist whose work reflects her love of old thi
ngs, old buildings, trees, people, as well as her love for the new, fresh things that come alive in her floral of daisies, mums, roses and wildflowers and landscapes.

Jean has studied with many prominent artists in the central Texas area.  Her paintings are on exhibit in galleries, private collections, businesses, and her own studio.                                     
She is accredited by the state of Texas as an art teacher.  She has taught junior high and high school art. 

She is a noted workshop presenter.  In her classes she stresses that painting is a positive action, criticism is a negative action, one should work in the realm of one’s present capabilities, always striving toward a higher goal. 

“Compare your work only with what you did yesterday and look forward to what you will do tomorrow, but most of all, enjoy the now of your own creativity.”

Jean’s website is .  Her email address is  and her telephone number is 979-596-1130.


John W. Pinkerton:
From an early age I painted, not well and not very often, but enough to know that I was not talented.  However I knew for sure that I could  paint better than I could sing or play a musical instrument: there is not a bucket in the world large enough for me to carry a tune.

Art is something I’ve always thought was important.  From an early age, I admired various artists, and my interest has gone from one artist to another over the years.  I’ve had friends who were truly talented amateur artists.  Whenever I’ve had the chance, I’ve visited art galleries and museums as well as professional artists.  I’ve read a lot of  biographies of artists, and contrary to the popular perception, most of them were normal people with great talents.

Also contrary to popular opinion, I’m a normal person; therefore, I can be an artist.  Okay, so I lack talent; that has seldom been a show stopper for me and, for that matter,  most of us.  The foundation of my art is, in fact, my lack of talent; I had to find ways to overcome this handicap.  Color is a mystery; draftsmanship without a ruler is a challenge. I started by using oils, but I moved on to acrylics.  I feel more comfortable with them.

As I approached retirement from a career in education, I began to approach my art more earnestly.    I  had not planned to sell my art: I gave
away paintings to anyone who wanted them.  After Art C’s opened in Somerville, I revised my thinking.

You might call me a semi-pro now: Lord, I would starve to death if I depended on my art for a living.  As part of my semi-pro status I have my own website where I show off my art and my essays.  Email me at


athy M. Schuster: Cathy has always loved art,  but specifically remembers the day her mother introduced her to oil painting at age 10.  Little did she know this would begin her life’s special journey.

Cathy studied art under Larry Casso and graduated from the Baton Rouge Fine Arts Academy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  She has also studied watercolor in Houston under A. J. Schexnayder and Eldon Faries.  She has taken watercolor workshops from Gerry Finch, Marci Boone, Karen Vernon, Hilary Page, Judy Morris and Cheng-Khee Chee.

Cathy has worked mostly in watercolor since 1991, but enjoys many other media.  her artwork has won numerous awards and hangs in private collections throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.  She served two terms as President of the Tomball Art League from 1999 to 2001 and is a signature member of the Watercolor Art Society-Houston.  She is past president of the Arts at the Lake non-profit art association.  Cathy is co-owner of Art C’s Gallery in historic downtown Somerville, Texas.

Cathy is also a certified Antique Reproduction Porcelain Doll Artisan and has won many awards with her porcelain dolls.  She taught classes in antique reproduction porcelain doll making in Humble, Texas.

Cathy feels that her art comes not only from her soul, but a much higher source.  She says that sometimes art cannot be explained as to how you got to that wonderful end’s truly Divine Intervention!

You can email Cathy at  or phone her at 979-596-2782.

Tina Forster: I am a fiber artist and doll maker living in Fulshear, Texas, far west Houston.  I first discovered the Somerville arts community in the summer of 2009, when I participated in a show for the Texas Association of Original Doll Artists at Art C’s Gallery.  In the last few years I have seen my work move from the decorative into the realm of expressive arts and using it for self-exploration and healing.  This has led
to doing a couple workshops sharing the art of doll making as a tool for moving through grief.  I love this work, and the idea of art as a healing modality.

Last year I participated in shows at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft and the C. G. Jung Center in Houston.  I continue to make dolls on a pretty constant basis!  I’m a member of TAODA, and a bit of my work can be seen on their website here:

You can reach me at 281-346-2015 or .